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Your car goes faster because we removed the burrs, crimp marks and polished the shaft.

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How Axles Make All the Difference

To build the fastest car, you need to minimize friction. Friction between the axles and the wheels is the biggest factor in slowing down your cars. With this tool, you can customize axles and wheels to create your own car with as little friction as possible. Less friction = More speed, and speed is what wins races.

Axle Tips and Speed Hints

When your wheel rubs against the axle head it can cause the wheel to wobble because the corner of the axle head is not a perfect 90 degrees. Cutting a groove directly under the axle head removes this source of wheel wobble, but it is difficult to do by hand. Consider our Grooved Speed Axles that have a groove cut directly under the axle head.

The stock BSA "nails" that come in your kit are mass produced. These nails have burrs, crimp marks and can also be crooked, all of which severely limits your car speed. An Axle Polishing Kit and Axle File are essential to fix your axles and increase your car speed.

The axle slots that are cut into standard blocks are too tight for your .089" diameter axles. Small axle slots make it difficult to get your axles in straight. A #44 drill bit is .086", which I find too tight. Consider a #43 Drill Bit, which is a perfect match at .089" for a snug fit.

Using the Pinewood Derby Car Designer

Select your Axles and watch the little car advance toward the checkered flag.

  • Choose axles based on performance and your race rules.
  • PRO Axles have our exclusive graphite-coating giving you the highest performance

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