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Blastcars are CO2 powered cars for Boy Scouts. Cub Scouts can not race CO2 powered cars, only gravity powered pinewood derby cars!

Blastcar PRO is a separate website but checkout is done through Pinewood Pro website.
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CO2 Dragster and Blastcars

Winning CO2 Dragster & Blastcar Secrets - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!
NEW for Boy Scouts! How to build a fast, winning CO2 powered Blastcar! Learn how to build a Blastcar th ...[ read more ]
The Ripper - Blastcar Design Plan
The Ripper Blastcar will rip the competition! The Ripper is not only a cool Blastcar design, it is designed t ...[ read more ]
Blastcar PRO Grooved Graphite-Coated Axles
Our PRO Blastcar axles are Official BSA Blastcar axles with 2 cut grooves plus our exclusive graphite-coating ...[ read more ]
Blastcar PRO Ultra-Lite Wheels
Official Boy Scout Blastcar wheels - precision lathed and drilled to minimize weight while maintaining structu ...[ read more ]
PRO Axle Hole Driller
The PRO Driller is a mini-drilling jig, complete with a perfectly sized #43 drill bit (slightly bigger than a ...[ read more ]
Blastcar Axle Driver
Blastcar hex axle driver tool makes it simple to screw in your axles straight. Yellow knob on end swivels to ...[ read more ]
Wheel Spacer Tool
If your wheels are too tight, your car slows dramatically. If they are too loose, your car wobbles, also slow ...[ read more ]