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Screw-on Pinewood Derby Weights

    Screw-on Pinewood Derby Weights

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    Incremental tapered weights easily screw to bottom of your car. Adjustmentments are easy, just break off a segment, even on race day!

    Attach weight to bottom or counter-sink under the car. Screws included. Approx. 2 oz.

    Product Code: 021300

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    very simple, very effective by
    5/ 5 stars

    Several of my Cub Scouts have made thin style cars. These weights are just what is needed to get the weight close to the race limit. With the way they are made they are easy to adjust to just the right weight.

    Weights on the Bottom! by
    5/ 5 stars

    This item arrived quickly and was installed easily. Because the individual weights are easy to break off to adjust weight, the car was set up in no time. Highly recommended.

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