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PRO BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels - Graphite Coated (set of 4)

    PRO BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels - Graphite Coated (set of 4)

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    NEW! Our PRO Ultra-Lite wheels are .5g lighter than stock wheels with our exclusive graphite-coating. All BSA markings are intact. Precision lathed treads inside and outside, wheel edge and hubs are trued and squared, lighter weight, mold matched, then treads and hubs are perma-coated with graphite using our patented process. You get the slickest, fastest wheels on the market!

    Secret patented multi-step process to perma-coat with graphite-moly lube...the only wheels on the market with this. You can see the shiny outside tread and feel the smooth, friction-free surface!

    In addition to the perma-coating, these wheels are Precision Tuned, super fast, lathed BSA wheels!
    • Wheel tread is lightly lathed to remove mold imperfections, so your car rolls smoothly and faster. The rim still has the beads and the outside dimension is 30mm (1.18").
    • Wheels are matched with all four wheels from same they are balanced as a set
    • Hubs are lathed and squared to reduce wobble where wheel meets car body
    • Wheel rim is polished to remove mold seam to reduce friction when wheel hits track guide
    • Special lathing makes wheels .5g lighter, giving you a quicker start and faster rolling down the track.

    The result is a super light, precision tuned, friction-free wheel. Your car will fly down the track like on a frictionless cushion of air.

    Get the ultimate speed advantage.

    Another Winning Secret from the experts at Pinewood Pro.

    Rules Notes:

    • Wheels are visibly thinner and may not be allowed in races that prohibit lathing or removing excessive material.
    • All BSA markings are intact inside and outside of the wheel.
    • Rules are different for every race! Always read your race rules.
    • Questions? Ask your race manager!

    Highlighted Product Reviews:

    Rated 5.0/5 based on over 12 customer reviews

    Outstanding Quality Wheels by
    5/ 5 stars

    It's been 40+ years since I built my first Pinewood Derby with my father. Now, I'm building them with my son. The Pinewood Pro "PRO Ultra Lite BSA Wheels" are better then anything I've seen or prepared myself! We can't wait for the big race.

    Worth Every Penny by
    5/ 5 stars

    Set the Track Record! My boy's first pinewood derby, and he won it all. PRICELESS!

    Don't think twice about it... get the axles and wheels and graphite. The results will speak for themselves. Your son will remember this day for the rest of his life give him the memories he deserves. Just make sure he works on the car himself or it will be meaningless.

    To make it even sweeter, my son took down the 4 time troop champ to win it all!!!

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