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Indy F1 pre-cut pinewood derby car

    Indy F1 pre-cut pinewood derby car

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    The Indy F1 pre cut pinewood derby car will burn up the track, from start to finish!

    Made from standard pinewood derby block. Special, precision made spoiler, cockpit, nose cone and side pieces make this car a super aerodynamic, hot car.
    - Fully assembled, ready for your hot paint job. You just need to glue on the rear spoiler.
    - Includes pre-cut cavity on the bottom for weights
    - Dimensions are legal in any race.

    The approximate weight of this car is 1.4 oz, plus or minus .2 oz. You will need about 3 to 3.5 oz extra weight for this car.

    This is a car body only and does not include wheels or axles.

    Product Code: 062022

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    Excellant product love it, Excellant workmanship Looking to buy another one!!

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