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Grand Prix - pinewood derby 3D Design Plan  - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

    Grand Prix - pinewood derby 3D Design Plan - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

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    See The Grand Prix pinewood derby car take shape step-by-step with 3D illustrations, including weight placement, hints, building tips and cut-out templates for cutting guides...the clearest car plan on the market!

    See your car in 6 different colors, plus a 360 degree animation so you can view it from all angles!

    Speed to the finish line with the Grand Prix!

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    My son and I were newbies to Pinewood, but found this car easy to make. We roughed-out the basic shape with a coping-saw, and refined it with a hand held motor and sandpaper. Really happy with how it turned out.The instructions are clear and thorough, but don't need to be 32-pages long. I printed the template page actual size, and the rest two-pages-on-one, and even my middle aged eyes could cope.

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