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Wheel Spacer Tool

    Wheel Spacer Tool

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    If your wheels are too tight, your car slows dramatically. If they are too loose, your car wobbles, also slowing your car down.

    The Wheel Spacer is a stainless steel "feeler gauge" that sets the exact spacing between your wheel hub and car body so your car runs at optimal speed.

    Just slide the Wheel Spacer over your axle and push the axle in until it is snug against the Wheel Spacer. Remove, and voila, perfect spacing.

    The Wheel Spacer tool makes this critical adjustment fast, easy and perfect, every time.

    Consider our complementary tool, the Axle Puller and Inserter, to insert your axles easily. One end is used to insert and the other end is used to remove axles without damaging your wheels (or your fingers!).

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    Wheel Spacer Tool by
    5/ 5 stars

    Nice, durable tool to set accurate wheel spacing. Also used it to gently pry wheels off to to re-pack wheels.

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