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Pinewood Derby Portable Mini-Scale

    Pinewood Derby Portable Mini-Scale

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    Use this small, Pinewood Derby pocket-scale to weigh your car BEFORE the weigh-in! This scale is perfect for pinewood derby racers:

    - Accurate to .1 grams (.005 ounces) so you can accurately bring your car to maximum weight
    - Handy 3.5" x 2.5" tray so your axles and wheels don't roll off
    - Includes two AAA batteries
    - Backlit LCD display
    - Weighs in oz, grams, ozt and dwt
    - Tray doubles as protective cover for easy carrying and storage
    - Weighs up to 17 ounces
    - Turn scale on/off to zero it. Can also be recalibrated.

    When not using it for pinewood derby racing, use it to weigh mail for accurate postage, food for recipes, etc.
    Product Code: 101600

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