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Scale to weigh your pinewood derby car

    Scale to weigh your pinewood derby car

    Price: $34.95
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    Weigh your pinewood derby on this versatile digital scale featuring a blue backlit LCD, stainless steel weighing platform and it even includes the battery.

    When you finish with your pinewood derby, you can use it to weigh:
    - Postage scale so you put accurate postage on your letter mail or parcels
    - Kitchen scale for accurate recipe portions
    - Counting things (weigh one item, then weigh box of items, subtract weight of box, then divide total weight by single item to get accurate number of items in box)

    - Other weighing applications...
    This scale has a large platform and weighs up to 13lbs in .1oz increments so it can be used for many purposes after your pinewood derby race.
    Includes Lbs/Kg (oz/grams) option, a hold key and even a tare option for weighing lots of items.

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