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PRO Pinewood Derby Kit- Blue Marlin

    PRO Pinewood Derby Kit- Blue Marlin

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    • Complete pinewood derby car kit with Official BSA parts prepped for speed!
    • Official BSA car block, pre-weighted, drilled and painted with the weights set of optimal center of gravity for maximum speed
    • Offical BSA Speed Wheels from Pinewood Pro, lightly lathed and precision tuned so your car starts fast and reaches maximum velocity
    • Offical BSA polished axles from Pinewood Pro, deburred and polished to minimize friction
    • Pinewood Pro's Wheel Spacer and PRO Graphite are included

    The Blue Marlin Pinewood Derby Car kit includes everything you need to quickly assemble a fast car for a BSA Cub Scout race. Assemble your car in minutes! Kit includes the Official BSA car block that has been prepared for you with weights that are set for the optimal center of gravity so you get full transfer of potential energy and maximum inertia…your car will speed to the finish line. This block is painted blue with a high gloss finish. The axle slots have been drilled so your car rolls straight, AND we drilled an optional “raised wheel” axle hole which WILL make your car faster. Kit includes Official BSA Speed Wheels that have been lightly lathed and precision tuned by industry leading Pinewood Pro. Official BSA Axles, polished and prepped by Pinewood Pro. Also included is Pinewood Pro's , PRO Wheel Spacer for perfect wheel to car body spacing. Lastly, a tube of our high performance dry powdered PRO Graphite completes your BSA Cub Scout car kit. You just need to squirt some PRO graphite onto the axles and you are off to the races. The Blue Marlin pinewood derby car kit from Pinewood Pro includes instructions for quick assembly. The speed secrets from Pinewood Pro's Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets has helped win races for over 15 years...this car kit has the speed built-in!

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