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Humvee Military BSA Pinewood Derby Kit

    Humvee Military BSA Pinewood Derby Kit

    Price: $13.95
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    The Humvee pinewood derby car kit is an officially licensed BSA product that includes:
    - The pre-cut humvee pinewood derby car
    - BSA wheels
    - BSA axles
    - One sheet each of 120 grit and 220 grit sandpaper
    - Military sticker sheets
    - Plastic machine gun for mounting on the roof
    - 2.0 oz of stick-on weights
    - Fully illustrate instruction sheet
    - Race day log book, along with tips & tricks

    This car just needs a light sanding and painting, add the included weights and wheels/axles and you're off to the races!

    Important! The axles in this kit are not polished or deburred!

    To make your car more competitive, choose a set of our BSA polished axles or BSA graphite-coated axles.

    Also, graphite is essential to lubricated your axles. We recommend our PRO Graphite …track tested and proven to maximize speed.

    Product Code: 132500

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