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PRO Track with Timer

    PRO Track with Timer

    Price: $1,387.00
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    The PRO Track is a complete system for Pinewood Derby or LEGO Derby Car racing. System includes track, timer and Race Manager software. System is light weight for portability with quick and easy setup.

    This track has an ingenious snap-together tools required!

    The PRO Track system includes:
  • Yellow 35 foot indestructible plastic track (five 7' sections)
  • PVC pipe frame
  • Start Gate
  • Finish Line with soft foam to gently stop cars
  • Electronic Timer system
  • Race Manager Software
  • Timer announces winners (speaker included), plus flashes LED lights, plus displays on PC
  • DVD Video included with setup instructions

  • The PRO Track is for pinewood derby car racing but it is the best track for LEGO Derby Car racing.
  • Quick tools!
  • Saves time, increase creativity! No center guide rail - no need to check track clearance.
  • Build taller cars, Increases creativity! No finish gate - no need to limit car height.
  • works outdoors in FULL sunlight! Finish line sensors not optical.
  • Cars go faster! With no center rail, if car rolls straight it won't hit or drag on center rail.
  • Cool color!

  • Packaging and Shipping:
  • Entire system packaged neatly into a re-usable, rigid box.
  • Price includes FREE Shipping

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