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Pinewood Derby Car Block

The Dual Wedge

Product Discontinued!
Please see our Quad Dual II Block


Pinewood Derby Block

When you want to make a fast Pinewood Derby car quickly, you can look to our Dual Wedge car to save time without sacrificing quality. You can start an extra step up from the crowd.

The Dual Wedge has the following speed advantages:

Precision drilled for true axle alignment.

Your car will go straight down the track.
Minimizes wheel rub on the guide rails.

Axles are placed closer to the ends of the car.

Increases your car's stability.
Weights can be placed farther back on the car.
Read our "Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets" book for details.

Axles are angled up slightly.

Prevents the wheels from rubbing on the car body.
It is important to prepare your axles and wheels to minimize friction.
Read our "Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets" book for details.

Raised wheel doesn't touch the track.

Select from two versions. One version has a front wheel raised to reduce friction. Or select the version with all four wheels on the track.

Axles are placed higher on the body.

The car is closer to the track reducing air drag by minimizing the amount of air between the car and track.

High quality pine.

Reduces the chances of splitting or chipping.

Block is precut to save time.

Cut in an aerodynamic fashion.
You can create an instant car, or think up another design.
Saves the work of cuting a basic design.

Weight is redistibuted.

Less weight in the front saves time and money when applying weights.



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Yesterday's Pinewood Derby Tip of the Day

Improper wheel alignment is one of the most common reasons that your pinewood derby car is running slow. If your car drifts to the side, the wheels will rub against the center guide rail and slow your car. To minimize this, make sure that your axles are aligned so that your car will run as straight as possible.

Come back tomorrow for another Pinewood Derby Tip.



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