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Wood Filler
Pinewood Derby Wood filler for fixing nicks and gouges in your car...There is no mixup, that wood putty can't ...[ read more ]
Wood Primer / Sealer - primes wood before painting
Pine wood is very porous. If the wood is not sealed before painting, it will soak up the first coat of paint ...[ read more ]
Pinewood Derby Paint - 6 Primary High Gloss Acrylic Colors
You get six high gloss acrylic paints so you can make the coolest car ever!

Colors are Red, Green, ...[ read more ]
Paint brush for pinewood derby cars
Paint brush for painting your pinewood derby car...

Product Code: 121511 ...[ read more ]
Clear Gloss Paint Sealer - protect your paint job!
"Protects your pinewood derby car paint job with a clear gloss acrylic paint sealer. Water based for easy cle ...[ read more ]
Pinewood Derby Portable Mini-Scale
Use this small, Pinewood Derby pocket-scale to weigh your car BEFORE the weigh-in! This scale is perfect for ...[ read more ]
Scale to weigh your pinewood derby car
Weigh your pinewood derby on this versatile digital scale featuring a blue backlit LCD, stainless steel weighi ...[ read more ]
Pinewood Derby Formula Glue
Pinewood Derby Formula Glue is used to glue axles, fenders and accessories to your car. It can also be used t ...[ read more ]
Sandpaper - super fine, fine, rough grits
Three different grits of sandpaper for rough, medium and fine sanding your pinewood derby car block.
...[ read more ]
Pinewood Derby Car Stand
This versatile pinewood derby display stand snaps together in a snap! It contains 3 pieces; a base, an arm an ...[ read more ]