LEGO Derby

You can now build and race a car made out of LEGO® parts with our exclusive PRO Brick wheel assembly designed with light weight wheels and nickel plated axles perfectly matched to race on a pinewood derby track.  LEGO® parts don’t have the speed or proper spacing for racing.  Use our Zinc 4x4 Brick to add weight so it races like  pinewood derby car.

PRO Brick Wheel Assembly - for Racing LEGO Derby Cars

To create a LEGO Derby Car, just snap on four PRO Brick Wheel Assemblies and you are off to the races!

Pinewood Pro Engineers...
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Zinc Brick Weights - Add Weight to Race LEGO Cars

New! Zinc Brick weight in the form of a LEGO® Brick. This weight snaps onto any LEGO part so you can add weight to a L...
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LEGO Plates for LEGO or Pinewood Derby Cars

LEGO plates for LEGO Derby or Pinewood Derby cars.

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