Zinc Brick Weights - Add Weight to Race LEGO Cars

Zinc Brick Weights - Add Weight to Race LEGO Cars

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    Zinc Brick weight designed specifically for snapping onto LEGO's. Pile on the weight to race your LEGO Derby car down the track

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    "I was skeptical about them fitting well with plastic Legos, but have been VERY surprised at just how well they do fit! They connect easily, but definitely won't fall off easily"

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    New! Zinc Brick weight in the form of a LEGO® Brick. This weight snaps onto any LEGO part so you can add weight to a LEGO derby car or a pinewood derby car that has a LEGO base plate.

    To add weight to your car built with LEGO parts, just snap in a LEGO Zinc Brick onto any LEGO part. Weight snaps into top or bottom of a LEGO part.

    Easily adjust the Center of Gravity of your car by moving the Zinc Brick forward or backward on your car.

    Each Zinc Brick weighs 0.44oz. Sold in sets of 2 for a total of .88oz

    Call 203-400-3713 for Group Discounts! (over 20 sets)

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    5.0 out of 5
    Awesome Feature
    Worked great. Bought 2 of these for my son to glue on his car and add his lego persons to. He loved it and car won derby with this and other items purchased from Pinewood Pro. Will be coming back to again.
    19 Feb 2016

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