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Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets - Hard Copy

    Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets - Hard Copy

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    Hard Copy of #1 Best Seller that has helped people win races for over 15 years! NEW 2016 edition. Proven results with thousands of winners!

    Unleash the speed you need to win!

    You can do it with the best list of Pinewood Derby speed secrets, guaranteed.

    Perhaps you've built a car or two and had some success. Now you can bring home the trophy with proven, tested speed secrets...Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets shines above anything else. Why? Because, as an engineer, I give you my inventions that were tested on my own track to win district races. You won't find these hints anywhere else.

    You get over 40 speed secrets.

    You'll be amazed. I was, and so were our winners.

    My book tells you everything from how to design and build your car, to my extensive list of speed secrets. You get everything you need in a clear, precise guide with pictures for the intricate stuff.

    Get the real secrets you need to win with the #1 best seller,
    Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets.

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    Rated 4.8/5 based on over 90 customer reviews

    Best Book!!! by
    5/ 5 stars

    Loved the book!!! Read it all in one sitting.

    Of all the instructional guides on building a Pinewood Derby Car I found this one to be the best. Concise, easy to understand and absolutely the best on dealing with the wheels/axles.
    My son is Grand Champion due to this book. His car is so fast, he left the competition in the dust and I am just a single mom helping him with this.

    Derby Secrets It's a Winner by
    5/ 5 stars

    I helped my grandsons build their 1st car with the help of Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets. WOW! So many little details that make a huge difference to the speed of the car!

    They both won every heat they raced in. Now it's off to the district races at Mall of America.

    The smiles on their faces are priceless, holding their trophies. I would have paid three times the cost of the book if I knew this was the end results, Thank You Pinewood Pro!!

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