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Stick-on Pinewood Derby Weights

    Stick-on Pinewood Derby Weights

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    Total of 2oz of Zinc stick-on weights in 18 segments. Easily sticks anywhere. Use for fine tuning your pinewood derby car weight to bring it to the maximum 5.0 oz

    Weights are lead-free Zinc for safe handling.

    Product Code: 020245

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    Stick on Weights by
    5/ 5 stars

    I decided to purchase these for some of the children in our Grand Prix race. Some of the kids needed to add more weight to their cars.
    These are great to use... just be careful on the placement.
    We put these on the underside of the car... We learned you need to place them down the center of the car so as to not rub against the track.

    Art from Blackshear, GA by
    5/ 5 stars

    Great for last minute adjustments! Purchased as a back-up for last minute adjustments and it worked out perfectly just as planned, and helped out fellow racers also. Easy to use and sticks well.

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