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Tungsten Canopy 2.5oz weight

    Tungsten Canopy 2.5oz weight

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    Polished Tungsten Canopy is a cool way to add weight to your pinewood derby car.

    It weighs 2.5oz and is 1" wide by 1 9/16" long.

    Tungsten weight is dense, so you concentrate more weight in a smaller space to help get the center of gravity exactly where you want it for maximum runout speed.

    To attach you tungsten canopy, drill a 3/8" hole that is 1/2" deep where you want to mount the weight. Put glue on the mounting stud and the underside of the canopy, then insert the mounting stud into the car.

    To add incremental weight to your car to bring it up to 5oz, we recommend tungsten putty or tungsten BB's to add just the right amount of weight exactly where you need it.

    Tungsten is non-toxic and it is paintable.

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