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NyOil II Lube - thin film oil

    NyOil II Lube - thin film oil

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    NyOil II is a thin film lubricant for your Pinewood Derby car axles that out performs graphite with less mess.

    How to use Nyoil:
  • Only put one drop of Nyoil on axle shaft!
  • with a clean cloth, wipe oil around entire axle shaft
  • IMPORTANT! wipe excess oil off of the shaft. This will leave a thin layer of oil that will last throughout all your races

  • Notes:
  • Do not mix NyOil and graphite. Use one or the other lubricant, not both together.
  • Do not use NyOil on graphite-coated axles.
  • NyOil is ok to use with graphite-coated wheels because NyOil goes on your axles, not on the wheels.

  • Nyoil II from Nye Lubricants is sold in 0.5mL bottle with drip spout and screw on cap for re-use.

    Product Code: 030999

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    Rated 4.7/5 based on over 26 customer reviews

    This oil is the real winner by
    5/ 5 stars

    When I bought this lubricant I thought this stuff better be good. Is it ever.Just a drop on each axle and it coats the friction points and just simply works. There is no need to reapply between heats. We ran a bunch of times and in the end the wheels were still as fast as the start in fact I think that about the third heat the film had settled and ran faster than initially. Anyhow, do not hesitate. get this stuff if you want to win.

    Great Stuff!! by
    5/ 5 stars

    My son put just a little NyOil II on the axle on each side of the hub of his tires and it clearly made a difference. He ran 5 races and got 2 second place finishes then got 3 first place finishes in a row and took first place overall for his age group. He was so excited.

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