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BSA Graphite Coated Axles  (set of 4)

    BSA Graphite Coated Axles (set of 4)

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    Official BSA pinewood derby axles have been deburred, crimp mark removed, underside of head is angled, polished and then graphite coated to a super smooth finish to give you the fastest BSA axles possible! Note: The outside of the axle head is not coated.

    We did all the hard parts for you!

    No need to do anything else...just slip them in, add graphite powder before the race and watch your car zoom down the track!

    Note: Because these axles are graphite coated, we recommend graphite powder, not NyOil, as an added lubricant.

    Axles are individually bagged to protect from scratches during shipping.

    Rules Notes:

    • Legal in BSA races that allow graphite lubrication.
    • Rules are different for every race! Always read your race rules.
    • Questions? Ask your race manager!

    Product Code: 040333

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    Rated 4.9/5 based on over 9 customer reviews

    BSA Axles by
    5/ 5 stars

    I ordered the Graphite Coated Axles from Pinewood Pro. They arrived in a couple of days. I used a stock set for the build and testing process. When I replaced stock with Graphite Coated Axles, our times went down noticiably. My son can't wait for race day. He fully expects to take first place in every race.

    We won overall 1st place!!! by
    5/ 5 stars

    This was the first year for my son in Cub Scouts so we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. I even told him before the race that it is ok not to win so his expectations were not set too high. I found this site about a week before the race and figured I would give them a call. I spoke with Joe who instructed me on some of the basics. I ordered the BSA graphite axles, graphite and a weight.

    The result: we took first place for my son's Den and by 4 1000th's of a second, took 1st place overall. Everybody was quite surprised but I have to say my son and I were more surprised than anyone. It was a great day, my son was beaming with pride and it is a memory which will last a life time.

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