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BSA Grooved and Graphite Coated Axles (set of 4)

    BSA Grooved and Graphite Coated Axles (set of 4)

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    Official BSA axles with secret groove and friction-free graphite coating! Note: the outside of the axle head is not coated. These are our fastest BSA axles!

    - Crimp marks and burrs removed
    - Secret groove cut in shaft to hold graphite during the race and reduce friction
    - Axle is polished
    - Graphite coating is applied so your axle stays lubricated´┐Ż.right through the District Race!

    BSA grooved and graphite coated axles - fastest BSA axles on the market!

    Sold in sets of four, individually packaged so they are not damaged in shipping.

    Note: Because these axles are graphite coated, we recommend graphite powder, not NyOil, as an added lubricant.

    - Another pinewood derby winning secret from the experts at Pinewood Pro.

    - Just insert these beauties and you are ready to race to the finals!

    Axles are individually bagged to protect from scratches during shipping.

    Rules Notes:

    • Legal in BSA races that allow graphite lubrication and that allows you to alter your axles.
    • Rules are different for every race! Always read your race rules.
    • Questions? Ask your race manager!

    Product Code: 040344

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    Rated 5.0/5 based on over 16 customer reviews

    Never Lost a Race by
    5/ 5 stars

    I purchased a set of these in conjunction with PP lathed wheels and my youngest never lost a race. He was beaming when he was handed a 1st place trophy for speed in the Awana Grand Prix.

    Highly recommended by
    5/ 5 stars

    These were great on our cars. Bought 2 sets of these axles for my boys' cars this year. Easily the best axle set we've ever used for PW racing. They were a very good match with the graphite-coated PRO Ultra Lite BSA wheels.

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