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Pinewood Derby BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels (set of 4)

    Pinewood Derby BSA Ultra-Lite Wheels (set of 4)

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    Our BSA (Cub Scout) Ultra-Lite Pinewood Derby Wheels are lathed in 5 dimensions. so They are precision tuned while removing .5g weight so your car starts fast and finishes fast!
    1. Outside tread is precision lathed and trued without removing the beads along the edge
    2. Inside tread is lathed and trued
    3. Rim is trued and cut back slightly for perfect balance
    4. Hub is squared to reduce wobble when wheel touches car body
    5. Outside diameter of hub is trued for perfect balance

    In addition, all of the BSA markings remain on the wheel both inside and out.
  • Inside lettering intact
  • Outside lettering intact
  • beads remain along the outside edge of the wheel edge
  • Wheels are mold matched set of four

  • Wheel Dimensions and weight:
  • Outside diameter is 1.173" +/- .003"
  • Wheel width is .368" +/- .003"
  • Tread thickness .0295" +/- .002"
  • Weight of wheel is reduced by .5g giving you a fast start because it requires less inertia to get them rolling

  • Rules Notes:
  • Wheels are visibly thinner and may not be allowed in races that prohibit lathing or removing excessive material.
  • All BSA markings are intact inside and outside of the wheel.
  • Rules are different for every race! Always read your race rules.
  • Rules Questions? Please ask your race manager, since they have the final say!

  • Product Code: 050333

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    Rated 4.8/5 based on over 12 customer reviews

    Awesome wheels!! by
    5/ 5 stars

    My son's pinewood derby race was yesterday. With these wheels and pro super speed axles he won 1st place in the pack! Never lost a race. Times were very consistent between races too. Last year (his first race) his car wasn't good at all, he didn't win a single race and usually came in last. Not this year! Now off to districts next month. These wheels run smooth and true.

    Fast, light and legal by
    5/ 5 stars

    Best wheels that are legal in areas that have strict tech inspection- like state championship races in Michigan. One of the cars didn't pass tech inspection because the wheels were too light. They check them at the higher level races and a few cars that were fast were disqualified because of the wheels. My grandsons car had wheels from Pinewood Pro and were okay to race. We won while others went home. Too bad for them. But you have to be legal in big races'

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