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Stock Car PRO Pinewood Racer

    Stock Car PRO Pinewood Racer

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    Precision cut Stock Car pinewood derby Racer with a sleek aerodynamic design.

    This car is pre-drilled with 3/8" weight holes in the back, so you can add Tungsten Cylinder or Zinc Round weights.

    You can paint this car as is...or give it a light sanding to round off the edges...
    or have fun making new cuts to modify the design.

    This is a BSA block with axle slots that conforms to all Cub Scout rules.
    The approximate weight of this car is 2.8 oz, plus or minus .3 oz. You will need about 1.5 to 2 oz extra weight.
    Just insert cylinder weights and cover the hole with wood putty for a clean, finished look.

    This is a car body only and does not include wheels or axles.

    We did the hard part, you have fun painting and decorating!

    Product Code: 060266

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