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The Lazer! Pre-weighted pinewood derby car body

    The Lazer! Pre-weighted pinewood derby car body

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    The Lazer is a pre-weighted pinewood derby car body that is ready to roll. Just add the wheels and axles of your choice, add graphite, and you're off to the races!
    1. Wood is sealed and primed...the color is metalic silver. You can leave as is, or paint over it or just add decals and off you go!
    2. Car is pre-weighted to 4.3 oz +/- .2 oz Just add small incremental weight after you add wheels, axles, decals, bring it to exactly 5.0 oz
    3. Car is balanced and rear weighted for optimal speed.
    4. Axles have been inserted once so you can easily insert your wheels immediately.
    5. There are 5 small holes on the bottom so you can add small amounts of weight to bring the car up to 5.0 oz...use Tungsten BB's or Tungsten Putty.

    The only tools you might consider are the Wheel Spacer (spacing between wheel hub and car body) and the Axle Puller-Inserter Tool (for inserting and removing axles without damaging your wheels).

    This is an Official BSA block with axle slots that conforms to all Cub Scout rules.

    This is a car body only and does not include axles or wheels.

    This is the perfect car if you are short on time, don't have tools or are not comfortable using tools.

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    The perfect storm... by
    5/ 5 stars

    Great design was easy to add the Pro Wheels and Pro Axel s, assembled with son and let him decorate. Was out of town during registration of race hadn't put graphite the axle's yet. Wife didn't know thus car was in lock down and had to race dry. Son still won his den and advanced to pack championship ended up taking 3rd overall. However here is the great part we then were able to graphite the axel's and continue racing for fun and raced the overall champ 3 times and beat him easily the car went 3mph faster (scaled of course) with the graphite which put us 2mph FASTER then the overall champ. This was a blessing because what fun would it be winning overall the first year. Now he still has something to shoot for next year!! Thus the perfect storm!

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