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PRO Axle Hole Driller

    PRO Axle Hole Driller

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    The PRO Driller is a patented mini-drilling jig. Quickly drill straight axle holes, 2.5 degree angled axle holes, extended wheelbase and a raised wheel.

    If you are going to buy one tool, this is the one. Increase your car speed four ways.

    1. Drill perfectly straight axle holes. Straight cars don’t hit the center rail (or hit the side rails for center-less tracks). Extra energy goes to increase your car’s speed.
    2. Drill a raised wheel hole. It takes less energy to turn 3 wheels. Extra energy goes to speed.
    3. Drill 2.5 degree angled axle holes to cant your wheels. Canted wheels migrate toward the axle head where there is less friction. Less friction means more speed.
    4. Create an extended wheelbase. Your car has more stability, which means more speed.

    Exclusive patented features:
    • The PRO Driller includes our exclusive View Port. You can see through the tool to easily align the PRO Driller with the pre-cut axle slot, so you can re-drill the slot making it perfectly straight. Easily slip in your axles, saving your fingers!
    • The PRO Driller has an adjustable "Easy Slide" feature so it snugly fits any pinewood derby car block; BSA Cub Scout, Awana, Royal Rangers, etc. No need to shave or shim.
    • Includes a perfectly sized 2.2mm drill bit so your axles slide in. This reduces the chance of cracking the block and it saves your fingers!

    Full instructions here How to use the PRO Axle Hole Driller

    Another speed secret from the Pinewood Derby Pro’s at Pinewood Pro.

    Made of Aluminum and comes in a cool blue color! Drill bit and instructions included.

    US Patent number: 9,095,912
    Product Code: 090100

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    Pro Axle Hole Driller by
    5/ 5 stars

    Pros: Straight Axle Holes

    It worked great and saved a lot on time. The nails don't pop up like they do in the block that you receive from scouts. I have built cars for the past nine years for my 3 boys, and I wish I had this tool from the beginning.

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