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PRO Axle Inserter Guide

    PRO Axle Inserter Guide

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    The one-piece PRO Axle Inserter Guide fits in the axle slot to guide your axle in so it is straight. This tool improves the speed of your pinewood derby car by ensuring accurate mounting of axles in the pre-cut axle slot while giving you perfect wheel spacing with the built-in wheel spacer.

    The PRO Axle Guide includes the following exclusive features:
    • One-piece design with the axle guide and built in wheel spacer.
    • Concave axle rib guide so your axle slides easily and fits tightly against the rib when you insert it
    • Thumb support so you can easily grip and hold the tool against the block

    Just place the PRO Axle Guide into the axle slot, start your axle into the slot, then turn your block on its side and press in.

    Perfect, quick axle insertion with perfect wheel spacing.

    The PRO Axle Inserter Guide includes an instruction sheet.

    Product Code: 090111

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