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Axle Guard Keepers - hold axles in place

    Axle Guard Keepers - hold axles in place

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    Axle Guard Keepers ensure that your axles are secured in place throughout all your races.

    Pinewood derby cars can jump the track, run off the end, or get bounced around on the finish platform (and even dropped, Yikes!).

    If this happens to your carefully aligned axles, they will get knocked out of alignment, resulting in your car steering crooked. If it steers crooked, your car will ride into the rails, losing valuable speed.

    Keep your axles aligned with our Axle Guard Keepers! They are easily installed under your car and they are see-through to pass any inspection.

    The Axle Guard Keepers will not inhibit track clearance or car performance. Sold in sets of two with 6 screws each.

    Comes with instructions, complete with pictures, making installation quick and easy.

    The image here shows the Axle Guard Keepers installed on a car. (The car is not included!)

    Product Code: 101311

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