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Winning CO2 Dragster & Blastcar Secrets - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

    Winning CO2 Dragster & Blastcar Secrets - INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

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    How to build a fast, winning CO2 powered Dragster or Blastcar! Learn how to build a Blastcar that travels fast and far.

    Winning Blastcar Secrets covers everything from how to build a Blastcar track, to designing and building a winning CO2 Blastcar. Learn what works and what doesn’t work.

    Below are some highlights:
  • Designing your car - CO2 Car Design Styles
  • Building your Dragster or Blastcar
  • The PRO Driller for drilling perfectly straight axle and eyelet holes
  • Best position for Axles and Eyelets
  • Winning with Physics
  • Mass and the Skinny on Weight
  • Inertia and Newton’s First Law
  • Speed Secrets for Winning Wheels
  • Speed Secrets for the fastest Axles
  • Don't Get Torqued!
  • Aerodynamics and Drag
  • CO2 cartridge tips

  • And so much more…Read full table of contents.

    As an engineer, I give you my inventions and speed secrets so you can have fun designing a cool Blastcar that reaches maximum velocity and distance.

    Blastcar is CO2 powered race cars that are for Boy Scouts only. Cub Scouts can not race these cars.

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