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Thin Cut Block - add LEGO parts to a Pinewood Derby

    Thin Cut Block - add LEGO parts to a Pinewood Derby

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    The Thin Cut Car is ideal for creating a LEGO pinewood derby car. Just glue LEGO plates to the top of this car and create a LEGO pinewood derby that meets all pinewood derby rules because the Thin Cut car is cut from an Official BSA Cub Scout block.

    Of course, this car block is also a perfect lightweight car for any pinewood derby.

    The Thin Cut Car is lightweight so you can add more weight to the rear of the block to make your car reach maximum velocity.

    The Thin Cut car has these advantages:

  • Pre-drilled axle slots so you can insert your axles with the push of a finger! Also pre-drilled slots means your car rolls straight, so it will be fast.
  • Includes a pre-drilled raised wheel hole for the left front wheel. If your rules allow it, raising one wheel will make your car faster.
  • Light weight car block so you can add extra weight to the car to maximize speed.
  • Thin cut to 1/2" high, making the car sturdy yet light weight
  • Official BSA car block, legal in all races
  • If you are building a LEGO car, the easiest way to add weight is with the PRO Brick Zinc Weight. Just snap this weight on like any LEGO Brick!

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