PRO Brick Chassis for Racing LEGO Derby Cars

PRO Brick Chassis for Racing LEGO Derby Cars

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    To race LEGO Derby Cars, we've designed the perfect PRO Brick chassis car with Ultra-Lite Wheels and Nickel plated axles and perfect wheel spacing so you can race LEGO Derby Cars down a pinewood derby track.

    Standard LEGO wheels are NOT designed for racing! Standard LEGO wheels and axles are heavy and slow, will not roll straight and will not fit a pinewood derby track for racing.

    The PRO Brick Chassis is fully assembled and designed with perfect wheel spacing and clearance to fit pinewood derby race tracks.

    We used our pinewood derby racing experience to design Ultra Lite Wheels and Nickel Plated Axles that precision designed to make a fast LEGO Derby race car. Add any LEGO parts to the PRO Brick Chassis to built and race a cool, fast car and race them down a pinewood derby track.

    Use our Zinc Brick to add weight to your car. Just snap on a Zinc Brick just like any LEGO part to add weight anywhere.