Wedge Pinewood Derby Block - drilled axle holes

Wedge Pinewood Derby Block - drilled axle holes

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    Best of both worlds! Wedge design with optional extended wheelbase

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    "This turned out to be the best pinewood derby car my son and I built.  We used the extended wheelbase as well as the raised wheel hole and took first place!"

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    Easy, quick, simple wedge car block with precision drilled normal and extended wheelbase options, plus raised wheel options.

    The Wedge, Axe Blade racer is a simple, aerodynamic car design.  You just need to add weight, a good set of axles, wheels and your car is ready.  Don't forget to graphite your axles!

    The approximate weight of this car is 2.2 oz plus or minus .3 oz.  You will need about 2.5 oz extra weight for this car.

    This is a car body only and does not include wheels or axles.

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