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Our Winning Secrets book has helped thousands win derby races…for over 20 years.

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Winning Secrets

#1 Best Selling Book!

As an Engineer, I designed, tested and show you how to build a winning car. Thousands have won using my speed secrets. I include everything you need to design and build a winning car.
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Winning Secrets Books

Car Design Plans

Illustrated Design Plans

Build the coolest car with over 35 car design plans that include step-by-step 3D illustrations, printable template patterns, painting schemes, speed hints, 360 animations and more. Many of these plans have won design awards!
Instant Download! $4.95

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PRO Tools

Featuring PRO "Blue Tools”

PRO Tools save building time, protect your block from damage and make your car go faster! PRO Tools help you drill straight, raised wheel or Rail Rider angled axle holes, polish wheel bores, accurately space your wheels, tune your axles and wheels, and cut and shape your block.

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PRO Axles

Axles Engineered for Speed

To reach maximum speed, use our BSA polished axles. Our PRO precision machined, 2-grooved, nickel-plated axles are the fastest! Bent axles steer your car perfectly straight, or adjust steering to make a Rail Rider. Add our exclusive graphite-coating to any axle to minimize friction.
Proven results with track tests

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PRO Wheels

Wheels Precision Tuned for Speed

Precision tuned wheels give your derby car perfect balance to reach maximum speed. BSA Lightly Lathed or Ultra-Lite Wheels with our PRO exclusive graphite-coating minimizes friction to maximize speed. Awana racers can use our lathed Awana® Grand Prix speed wheels.
Compare speeds with track tests

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Weights and Lubes

Tungsten and Zinc Weights

Maximum weight maximizes inertia so your car finishes fast. Weight options include Tungsten, Tundra “cuttable” Flex weights, and Zinc.

Powdered PRO Graphite and NyOil lubes

Lubricating your axles is essential to reach maximum speed. Our dry powdered PRO Graphite and thin-film NyOil lubricants have helped win races for over 20 years.

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Pre-cut Cars, Blocks

Pre-cut cars and drilled blocks

If you don't have the tools or time, use a pre-cut, un-painted car body or a precision drilled block to insert axles easily and so your car rolls straight.

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Car Kits & Bulk Kits

Car Kits

To save time, we offer complete easy to build car kits that include axles, wheels, weights, instructions and even decals. Just get a paint set and graphite lube to complete your car.

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Fully Built Cars

Fully Built Cars

To save time, we offer complete, fully built, super fast, track-tested derby cars ready to race!

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Decals and Stickers

Finishing Touches

Make your car look great with custom decals, stickers and cool body skins.

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Cool Accessories

Race car driver, scale, DVD

Make your car cool with a race car driver or add wiggle eyes for a fun look.

On race day, entertain your Cub Scout Pack with the hilarious Down and Derby movie

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Paints, Fillers, Sealers

Paints, Fillers, & Sealers

Seal your pine block before painting, give it a cool color, then cover with a clear gloss sealer for a shiny, hard finish.

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Pinewood Derby Scales

A scale helps you avoid last minute weight adjustments on race day. Save time and maximize weight by weighing your car before the race.

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Brick Derby Cars

Race Brick Derby Cars!

NEW! Race a Brick Derby Car down a pinewood derby track using our exclusive PRO Brick Chassis. Snap on weight using our Zinc Brick weights.

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PRO Track

Complete Track System

NEW! Race a a Brick Derby Car down a pinewood derby track using our exclusive PRO Brick Chassis. Snap on weight using our Zinc Brick weights.

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Easy, quick guides, plans and kits:

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3D Design Plans

We feature the only 3D car design plans on the market. Our award-winning car design plans will help you make a cool, hot car.

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Build A Winner!

Thousands have won using the tips in Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets.

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Winning Tips and Hints

When your car wheel rubs against the axle head it can cause the wheel to wobble because the corner of the axle head is not a perfect 90 degrees. Cutting a groove directly under the axle head removes this source of wheel wobble. Cutting this groove is difficult to do by hand, but it can be done with an axle file. Our grooved Speed Axles and Pro Super Speed axles have this groove, exclusive to Pinewood Pro, cut directly under the axle head.

Joe Gargiulo