60th Anniversary Pinewood Derby Poster

Free pinewood derby 60th Anniversary poster

Pinewood Derby started on May 15, 1953 with the very first race in Manhattan Beach, CA. To commemorate this event, Pinewood Pro designed a poster depicting pictures from the first race.

The images on the left side are from the very first race. In the upper left is Don Murphy, inventor of the Pinewood Derby. The images in the flag are from the very first race. The white pinewood derby car is a replica of Donn Murphy's 1953 car. It was built by Joe Gargiulo and presented to Donn in March 2013 because Donn's original 1953 car had long since vanished into history. Needless to say, Donn was surprised and happy to have a replica of the car he built with his Dad.

You can read more about the history of pinewood derby and even get a copy of Don Murphy's book, PINEWOOD! The Story of the Pinewood Derby, exclusively from Pinewood Pro.

The images on the right are a small collection of images from Pinewood Pro's website. It features Steven Gargiulo raising his fist in triumph at the instant he won his first District Race in CT. The Indy F1 car is another car built by Joe to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Boy Scouts. That car is currently in the Pinewood Derby Museum in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Download Pinewood Derby 60th Anniversary Poster
pinewood derby poster

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      If you are using 3/8" round weights, drill your 3/8" weight holes before cutting out the rest of the car because it is easier to hold the full block. Always use a clamp to hold your block before drilling or cutting. Safety First!

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Free Pinewood Derby 60th Anniversary Poster