Hello to everyone at Pinewood Pro,

My name is Matt and I am 13 years old. I am very involved in pinewood derby car racing. I attend competitions with my Dad constantly. We were at an event last weekend when this kid beat me by four seconds. His car was so cool! I went over and looked at it after our time trials, it was a nice piece of work. He said he made it himself but I bet his Dad helped him out.

Anyhow, we were talking about stuff and he mentioned that he got a lot of his parts from Pinewood Pro. I came home and ran upstairs to my computer to look you up. Dad and I are always trying to perfect my pinewood race car. It is fun working on it out in the garage. My mom even helps sometimes; mostly by bring us sandwiches and soda. We decided to go ahead and order a book from you for more hints and tips on getting faster. I also convinced my Dad to get your block with the axle holes. We haven't been disappointed, I actually decided to build a new car using one of your designs and block. The instructions were easy for my Dad and me to follow and I got a lot of good advice on building in the process. I think I have got the best and fastest pinewood derby car in town now.

We are off to our first pinewood derby race with my new car next weekend. My older sister helped me paint it red and we put the number 8 on the side so I could be like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mom took a picture of me in the new derby car we built and painted. I got two copies of it so I could send you one to post on your website. I think number 8 is going to be coming in first a lot this summer.

NOTE: Matt came in second in his first race. Made a few adjustments and won his second race.