I am a 3rd grade teacher and have approximately 20 students. Every semester we like to do a class project of some sort. Last year our first project was focused around pollution and what it is doing to our earth. The second project of the year was an art project and the kids either did drawings, paintings or paper mache projects. This year I wanted to do something that the kids could somehow incorporate into the school carnival. I came up with pinewood cars. I told my students about the project and they thought it was cool. We decided that after the cars were all built we would hold the first ever "Pinewood Derby" of the school.

The first thing I did to get things started was to get wood from the woodshop teacher at the high school. I then needed some instructions on how to build the cars. I looked on the Internet and found Pinewood Pro. You have a book called Pinewood Derby in Six Easy Steps. I ordered enough books for all my students. As a special gift I also ordered your car blocks for each child. I then invited the parents to get involved. Our parent volunteers came to school on Wednesday and Friday's which are our project days. Before I knew it the derby cars were built.

The school carnival was finally here. We had several volunteers that got the children set up for the race. We had two divisions, one for boys and one for girls. Then we would take the champion from each division and have a grand champion race. It was an exciting time and it was even more exciting when a girl took the Grand Prize. The boys were furious but said they want this to be an annual event and get more classrooms involved so they could have a chance at winning next year. I suspect the winner used your groved axles but she won't tell.