Downloadable Pinewood Derby Racer Driver's License

Great for Cub Scouts, Awana, or any pinewood derby event

pinewood derby car racing license

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Awana Clubs Father with pinewood derby winners


Thank you for the great tips on building a car!
You helped make our Awana Club Pinwood Derby an event to remember always!

God Bless,

How to Use Your Derby Racer License

  • Click on the link under the driver's license to display the Word doc. You can then download it on your PC and edit the fields to customize it for your race, as follows:
  • Change "CT" in the dark blue Driver License block to your state code
  • Change the "hgt" to the racers actual height, or make it blank and let them fill it in.
  • Change the "eyes" to the driver's eye color, or let them fill it in
  • Ask the racer to sign their license when they check in their pinewood derby car
  • You can also hand out the license with their car kit. This gives each racer time to fill in their license and add their photo to the lower right corner.

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