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PRO Axle Inserter Guide

PRO Axle Inserter Guide - Instructions

Axle guide placed on pinewood derby block

Inserting wheel and axle using the PRO Axle Guide

Pro Axle Guide will provide the correct spacing

Pro Axle guide will ensure axle goes in straight

  1. Place the ridge of the PRO Axle Inserter Guide into the slot on your block. The spacer prongs will straddle the axle slot.

  2. Press your thumb into the little depression on the top of the PRO Inserter while holding the block
  3. Insert an axle into your wheel and insert the axle tip into the slot between the spacer prongs.
  4. While holding the block and PRO Inserter, tip the block on its side with the axle head pointing down.
  5. HINT: Put a scrap piece of wood on a table to protect your table before pushing your axle in.

  6. While holding the block and PRO Inserter firmly, put constant light pressure on the axle head to start sliding the axle into the slot.
  7. Once the axle starts sliding in, push with hard pressure until the wheel hub hits the spacer. The wheel prevents pushing the axle in all the way in, so there is one more step.
  8. With the Axle Inserter still installed, push on the axle head with the handle of a screw driver until the axle is snug against the spacer.