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BSA 2.5 degree Bent and Polished Axle (1 axle)

    BSA 2.5 degree Bent and Polished Axle (1 axle)

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    Cant your axles! The BSA 2.5 degree Bent Axle is a single BSA Axle (from the BSA Cub Scout kit) that is bent and has a slot cut in the head so you can easily turn it with a screwdriver.

    Why do you need a 2.5 degree bent axle?

    The simple answer is to reduce friction! How? You can reduce friction by getting your wheels to ride towards the axle head where there is less friction and away from the car body where there is more friction. Less friction means your car goes faster.

    Our 2.5 degree bent axle makes this process simple. The axle is pre-bent in the perfect spot away from the wheel and it has a slot cut in the axle head so you can easily turn it with a screwdriver.

    The 2.5 degree bent axles are typically used to cant the rear wheels, while our 1.5 degree Bent Steering Axle is used on a front wheel to get your car to steer straight.

    Our bent BSA Steering Axle is made from one of our BSA Polished Axles so the burrs are removed, it is polished, and the head is beveled to reduce friction where the wheel makes contact.

    You can also use our Bent Axles to create a Rail Rider car.

    Rail Riding involves guiding your car gently into the center rail while canting the two rear wheels outward so the wheels migrate toward the axle head. Building a Rail Rider requires three bent axles; a 1.5 Degree Bent Steering Axle for a front wheel and two 2.5 Degree Bent Axles for the two rear wheels. The fourth wheel, generally the front left wheel, would be raised so it doesn't touch the track which increases car speed because the raised wheel doesn’t require any energy to get started.

    BSA Bent Axles from Pinewood Pro…
    • Save time.
    • Win races!

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