How to Design and Build Your Pinewood Derby Car in Six Easy Steps

Build your Pinewood Derby car in half the time, with our easy, step-by-step directions

This is what Pinewood Derby in Six Easy Steps will do for you:

Saves you Time

  • Build your car in half the time


  • To make your project go faster

Avoid Mistakes

  • Don't build a slow car!

Car Design Templates

  • Cut out one of our Car Designs and with a single cut or two, you are nearly done. We show you how...It is the fastest way to build your car.

Essential Speed Tips

  • You get the Speed Essentials to build a competitive car. Our other book, Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets, is the #1 best seller for gives you the full list of over 40 speed secrets.

Car Design Tips

  • For building a cool car

Pinewood Made Easy

  • Over 20 illustrations makes each step simple and clear

Who should read this book?

  • This book is for beginner adults and also a child to guide them through building their own pinewood derby car

Pinewood Derby in Six Easy Steps

How to Design Your Pinewood Derby Car in 6 Steps:

  1. Step 1. Dad, I've Got an Idea!
  2. Step 2. Buckle Up - We're Building a Car - Cutting
  3. Step 3. Smooth Sailing - Shaping
  4. Step 4. Be a Heavy Weight - Adding Weight
  5. Step 5. Shine Like a Star - Finishing Touches
  6. Step 6. Race Like a Champ - Speed Essentials for a Competitive Car

Car Design Cut-Out Templates

Includes three simple cut-out car design templates...the fastest way to build a car

Handy List of Tools
Over 20 illustrations lead you through every step.

Perfect wheel spacing
Correct front of Pinewood Derby Car
Pinewood Derby template
Painting Pinewood Derby Car

Have fun together and do your best!
Instant download direct to your computer.

Pinewood Derby Speed Products

To make a fast, winning car you need Speed Products. Yes, you can win a race without the best speed products on the market, but that depends on your competition! Chances are, some racers know the Winning Secrets and have created or purchased speed products (polished axles, lathed wheels, lubricants, etc.) needed to make a fast car.

If you want a fast, winning car, you should consider our Speed Products that have been track-tested to prove they are the fastest.  

To win your race, select the best Speed Products that are appropriate for your race. That mean