PRO Tools

Our exclusive Pinewood PRO Tools help you save time while making your car faster. Our best-selling, patented PRO Driller makes drilling straight, 2.5 degree angled, or a raised wheel axle hole, flawlessly in seconds. It’s blue, it’s cool and it has helped thousands build a fast, winning car. Whatever your need, we have the tool.

4.41 out of 5
PRO Axle Hole Driller Tool

The PRO Driller makes your car faster, saves you time, saves your block from cracking and saves your fingers by drilling perfectly straight axle holes. Easily drill new or into existing axel holes using our exclusive View Port. Raise a wheel to make your car even faster.
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4.41 out of 5
PRO Axle Inserter Guide

The Pro Axle Inserter Guide is a one piece pinewood derby speciality tool that helps you slide your axles in straight into the axle slot, and gives you perfect wheel spacing.
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4.45 out of 5
PRO Wheel Spacer Tool

Get perfect wheel spacing for fastest speed.  If your wheels are too close to the car body, they bind, severely slowing your car.  If they are too loose, your car wobbles, losing valuable speed.
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4.47 out of 5
PRO Axle Remover and Axle Inserter Tool

Easily insert and remove pinewood derby axles without damaging your wheels or scratching your axles with the PRO Axle Inserter Remover tool from Pinewood Pro. 
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4.4 out of 5
PRO Wheel Bore Polishing Kit

The bore polishing kit will take away any scratches or imperfections in your wheel bore and make your wheels ride smooth on your axles.
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4.42 out of 5
Wheel Mandrel

Easiest way to make your wheel tread perfectly round and smooth
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4.39 out of 5
Pinewood Axle File

This handy file will help remove burrs and crimp marks from manufacturing which will make your axles perform at their best
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4.39 out of 5
Pinewood Derby Axle Polishing Kit

Removing the crimp marks from your BSA axle is crucial to obtain best performance
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4.29 out of 5
Pinewood Derby Coping Saw and Wood Rasp kit

All the Pinewood Derby tools you need in one kit.
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4.44 out of 5
Sandpaper - super fine, fine, rough grits

Preparation is important to a job well done. Use this sandpiper to smooth the rough cuts on your car and ensure a great paint job
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4.38 out of 5
Pinewood Derby Drill Bit

Make your life easy and drill your axle holes with this drill bit.
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4.34 out of 5
PRO Wheel and Axle Alignment Guide

Easily perform eight checks on your derby car for optimal performance! Increase speed with accurate axle and wheel alignments and spacing.
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