Ferrari Fast Car Speed Kit

Ferrari Fast Car Speed Kit

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    This Ferrari kit was found buried in the hills of Italy! Put it together and burn up the track Bada Bing!

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    The Ferrari Pinewood Derby Car Kit is complete with everything you need to put together a fast, cool looking car!

    Included in this kit:

    • Official polished BSA axles minimizes axle friction to make your car fast
    • Official BSA lightly lathed Speed Wheels for a fast start and faster finish
    • Official BSA 7" pinewood car block, pre-cut and shaped like a cool Ferrari.
    • Pre-drilled axle slots so you can easily insert your axles
    • Pre-drilled weight holes for round weights
    • flat stick-on flex weights that can be cut with a scissors
    • Round weights that can be easily cut with scissors
    • PRO Graphite, the winners edge
    • 1.5 degree Steering Axle
    • Set of racing stickers

    NOTE: Check your race rules if you are allowed to use bent axles if you plan to use the steering axle.

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