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Blastcar PRO Ultra-Lite Wheels

    Blastcar PRO Ultra-Lite Wheels

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    Official Boy Scout Blastcar wheels - precision lathed and drilled to minimize weight while maintaining structural integrity.

    You get the coolest looking wheels that are also the lightest possible so your car fires out of the starting gate and travels the maximum distance.

  • Lathed wheel treads, inside and out
  • Lathed wheel rim
  • Lathed wheel hub
  • Drilled wheel tread - top and side
  • Drilled hubs - top and side
  • Friction reducing graphite-coated hub using Blastcar Pro exclusive perma-coating perfected for pinewood derby car wheels.

  • Result is a precision tuned Blastcar wheel that has been lightened by 45% ! This gives your car a fast start out of the gate while maximum travel distance.

    Sold in sets of 4

    Get the Coolest (and Lightest) BlastCar wheels on the market!

    Product Code: 050300

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