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PRO Wheel Bore Polishing Kit

    PRO Wheel Bore Polishing Kit

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    Increase your car speed by polishing and graphite coating your wheel bore. Polishing the wheel bore, just like polishing your axles, reduces the primary source of friction on a pinewood derby car; where the wheel turns on your axles.

    Just like your axles, there are scratches and imperfections in your wheel bore. A perfectly polished axle and a perfectly polished wheel bore reduces friction so your car achieves maximum speed.

    To remove these small scratches, plastic debris and imperfections in the wheel bore, you need a slightly abrasive polish designed specifically for plastic. This kit includes a plastic micro polish and precise sized, dense cotton swaps that fit snugly in your wheel bore.

    The PRO Wheel Bore Polishing Kit includes plastic micro polish and six perfectly sized, densely packed cotton spears that can be chucked in your drill. We include extra cotton spears so you can polish the bore with graphite.

    Polishing your wheel bore is simple, quick, and proven to reduce friction, thereby increasing your car speed.

    Instructions included.

    Graphite is sold separately. We recommend our PRO Graphite with moly additive.

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