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Axle Puller and Axle Inserter Tool

    Axle Puller and Axle Inserter Tool

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    Easily insert and pull your axles without damaging your wheels (or your fingers!).

    One end slips under the axle head making is a snap to remove axles without damaging your wheels.

    The other end has a recessed cavity that fits over the axle head so you can easily insert your axles straight while saving your fingers!

    The Axle Puller and Inserter Tool is essential for Ultra Lite and AWANA wheels, which are thinner and can easily break when removing them.

    Consider our complementary tool, the Wheel Spacer, to quickly and easily get the perfect wheel spacing when you insert your axles. If your wheels are too tight, your car slows dramatically. Too loose and your car wobbles, causing you to lose precious speed. Use the Wheel Spacer to get perfect spacing quickly and easily.

    Product Code: 092700

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    Great Tool! by
    5/ 5 stars

    Why did I not have this before? Absolutely worth the money.

    I'm glad that I have it as I still have more great pinewood derby years to come with my second son.

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