Painted and Weighted Black Barracuda Car Kit

Painted and Weighted Black Barracuda Car Kit

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    Assemble your Black Barracuda car in 5 minutes! Kit includes everything you need to assemble a BSA compatible pinewood derby car.

    • Official BSA car block, pre-weighted to just under 5.0 oz and painted black
    • Offical BSA wheels, lightly lathed to remove imperfections
    • Offical BSA axles, polished and de-burred
    • PRO Graphite from Pinewood Pro to lube your axles
    • Wheel spacer for perfect wheel spacing when you insert your axles
    This car is pre-weighted for optimal center of gravity and all of the BSA components are tuned for speed! Easy assembly instructions included (ie, insert your axles/wheels, lube axles and you're done!)

    Rules Notes:
    Always read your rules!  If your rules say that you cannot "lathe" the wheels, or that you cannot make any changes to the wheels, then consider our Grey Ghost or Lazer cars and then pick axles and use your unmodified wheels.

    This product has been tested by an independent lab and was issued a Children's Product Certificate by passing appropriate Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) tests.

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