Fully Built Green Pinewood Derby Car

Fully Built Green Pinewood Derby Car

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    Go Fast and Go Green with the eco-friendly green pinewood derby car. No emissions, but plenty of speed!

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    "Competition was "green with envy" (sorry.). This car is smokin' fast!"

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    The Green pinewood derby car is a super fast, fully built car designed to meet BSA rules.  This car is built from the Official BSA car block, BSA axles and BSA wheels from the Cub Scout kit.

    The BSA wheels have been precision tuned, lightly lathed to remove all imperfections in five different areas.  They are trued and slightly lighter which translates to a fast car.

    The BSA axles are also lathed and polished to remove crimp marks and burrs.  Polished axles result in a fast car.

    This car is pre-weighted with optimal center of gravity.  It is just under 5 ounces to allow for scale variances between our scale and your official race scale.

    We have drilled three small holes on the bottom in case you want to add a small amount of weight to get maximum performance.  We recommend tungsten putty because it can be easily added or removed on the spot.

    We highly recommend shooting additional PRO Graphite lubricant (SOLD SEPERATELY) onto the axles where the axle goes into the wheel bore before your race.  The more graphite, the better!

    Lastly, we drill an optional raised wheel hole above the front left axle slot.  If your rules allow, remove the front wheel and insert it into the raised wheel axle hole to get even more speed.

    All of the above speed improvements means your Green pinewood derby car will be a competitive, fast car that meets baseline BSA rules.

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