Pinewood Derby Graphite and NyOil Lubes

How to apply axle lubricants to win your race!

PRO Graphite with moly additive

pinewood derby PRO dry graphite
High Performance, Dry Powdered Graphite with sub-micron molybdenum disulfide

Adding powdered graphite to your axles is the single most important thing you can do to reduce friction. Reducing friction makes your car faster. PRO Graphite is a dry powdered, high performance, custom blend of micron sized powdered graphite with sub-micron molybdenum disulfide additive which helps the graphite cling to wheels and axles better.

PRO Graphite is the ultimate pinewood derby graphite lubricant that has been track tested and has helped win races for over 15 years.

Track speed tests showed an average speed increase of 17.2% to 22.1%, depending on the axles being used.

How to apply Graphite to a pinewood derby car in 3 steps

Step 1. Apply graphite in a safe area.

Remember, Safety First! Powdered graphite is messy. Pick a safe area outside or in a garage or apply graphite inside a box.

Step 2. Puff graphite into the wheel bore.

You can do this one wheel at a time or stack multiple wheels, hold your finger on the bottom wheel and shoot graphite into the top wheel so it migrates to all the wheels.

Step 3. Insert an axle into the wheel and spin the wheel.

This step works the graphite powder into the wheel bore and the axle. Spin the wheel for 10 seconds, add more graphite and repeat.

Step 4. Insert the axle and wheel into your car

how to apply graphite to axles

After you insert the axle and wheel into your car, shoot more graphite onto both sides of the wheel where the axle goes through.

When it comes to graphite, More is Better, so use graphite liberally. Most race rules do not allow you to add more graphite to your axles once the race begins. However, if you are allowed to add more graphite, bring your PRO Graphite to the race and use it as often as possible.

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NyOil II thin film oil lubricant

oil lube for pinewood derby cars
Thin Film Oil lubricant for pinewood derby cars

NyOil II is a synthetic thin flim lubricant that outperforms powdered graphite (on a non graphite-coated axle) over the duration of a race because Nyoil will stay on your axles long after graphite has dropped off. Oil is cleaner than powdered graphite which tends to get all over the car.

How to apply Oil Lubricant to a pinewood derby car in 3 steps

Step 1. Apply NyOil to a pipe cleaner

One or two drops is sufficient. Do not apply excess oil as this is too much of a good thing! Excess oil will cause drag and slow your car, so be careful.

Step 2. Insert the pipe cleaner into the wheel bore.

Slide the pipe cleaner inside the wheel bore to coat the inner hub.

Step 3. Put one drop of Nyoil on the axle shaft.

Again, only apply one drop of oil. Be sure the oil covers the entire shaft along with the underside of the axle head.

Step 4. Wipe excess oil off the axle

Important: Wipe excess oil off the axle with a clean cloth! When it comes to oil less is better! This will leave a thin layer of oil on your axles that will last throughout all your races.

Oil Lubricant Hints

  • The key to using NyOil II is "Less is More", the opposity of graphite. In other words, too much oil will cause drag. Only use a single drop on each axle and wipe off excess oil.

  • NyOil is added to your axles so it will not interfere with our graphite-coated wheels because the graphite-coating is on the outside tread of the wheel.

  • Do not apply NyOil to the outside of the wheel as this will leave residue on the track.

  • Some rules prohibit oil lubes. Read your race rules and check with your race manager if you have questions.

Is NyOil better than Graphite-Coated axles?

While NyOil is a great lubricant, our Track speed tests showed that Pinewood Pro Graphite-Coated Axles lubricated with PRO Graphite outperforms NyOil coated axles over the course of many race runs. Graphite-Coated Axles with PRO graphite powder applied beats NyOil coated axles by .168 seconds on average over the course of 10 runs.

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      Spin each wheel on a polished axle with graphite and count the number of revolutions. If a wheel wobbles, try spinning it again. If it still wobbles, get another wheel that does not wobble.

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      When your wheel rubs against the axle head it creates friction. To reduce this friction, file the head back slightly using an Axle File to reduce the friction area.

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Pinewood Derby Graphite and NyOil Lubes