Paints, Putty, Sealers

Get all the building supplies you need to build, paint and seal your cool car.

Sandpaper - super fine, fine, rough grits

Preparation is important to a job well done. Use this sandpiper to smooth the rough cuts on your car and ensure a great paint job
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Wood Filler

Gouges and nicks are no fear when Pinewood Derby Wood Filler is around.
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Wood Primer / Sealer - primes wood before painting

If you want to seal the deal on a great paint job apply this wood sealer to ensure a professional finish
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Pinewood Derby Paint - 6 Primary High Gloss Acrylic Colors

All you need are these primary colors to show off your Michelangelo painting skills
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Paint brush for pinewood derby cars

Finger painting is fun but a paint brush will give you that brush stroke of professionalism
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Clear Gloss Paint Sealer - protect your paint job!

Grandpa always talked about giving his car that spit shine finish however we prefer this easy clean up clear gloss to make our cars shine.
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Pinewood Derby Portable Mini-Scale

Feel like Inspector Gadget pulling this pocket -scale out at your race for final weigh in
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Scale to Weigh your Pinewood Derby Car

No one likes going on a scale but this one is as accurate as it gets. Use this scale to ensure your car weighs 5 oz.
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Pinewood Derby Formula Glue

Pinewood Derby Formula Glue will hold your axles in place as well as your cool accessories
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Pinewood Derby Car Stand

Display your cool car on this versatile pinewood derby display stand
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