Paints, Putty, Sealers

Get all the building supplies you need to build, paint and seal your cool car.

Sandpaper - super fine, fine, rough grits

Three different grits of sandpaper for rough, medium and fine sanding your pinewood derby car block.

Product Code: 100200...
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Wood Filler

Pinewood Derby Wood filler for fixing nicks and gouges in your car...There is no mixup, that wood putty can't fixup!

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Wood Primer / Sealer - primes wood before painting

Pine wood is very porous. If the wood is not sealed before painting, it will soak up the first coat of paint and raise the grain making you...
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Pinewood Derby Paint - 6 Primary High Gloss Acrylic Colors

You get six high gloss acrylic paints so you can make the coolest car ever!

Colors are Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Yellow. ...
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Paint brush for pinewood derby cars

Paint brush for painting your pinewood derby car...

Product Code: 121511...
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Clear Gloss Paint Sealer - protect your paint job!

"Protects your pinewood derby car paint job with a clear gloss acrylic paint sealer. Water based for easy clean up. Easy to apply and leav...
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Pinewood Derby Portable Mini-Scale

Use this small, Pinewood Derby pocket-scale to weigh your car BEFORE the weigh-in! This scale is perfect for pinewood derby racers:
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Scale to Weigh your Pinewood Derby Car

Weigh your pinewood derby car on this versatile digital scale featuring a blue backlit LCD, stainless steel weighing platform and it even in...
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Pinewood Derby Formula Glue

Pinewood Derby Formula Glue is used to glue axles, fenders and accessories to your car. It can also be used to fill small gaps in the wood ...
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Pinewood Derby Car Stand

This versatile pinewood derby display stand snaps together in a snap! It contains 3 pieces; a base, an arm and a platform to put your car o...
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