Stock Car Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Stock Car Pinewood Derby Car Kit

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    Stock Car kit includes everything for a basic pinewood derby car.

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    "Great car kit, everything included. Just need graphite."

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    The Pinewood Pro Stock Car kit includes:
    • The pre-cut Stock pinewood derby car
    • Unmodified BSA wheels and axles
    • Plastic accessories
    • 3 oz stick on flex weight cuttable with scissors
    • Wheel spacer tool
    • Instruction Sheet

    This car will need a light sanding and painting.

    Important! The axles in this kit are not polished or deburred.  To make your car more competitive, choose a set of our BSA polished axles or BSA Graphite-coated axles.

    Also, graphite is essential to lubricate your axles.  We recommend our PRO Graphite which is track tested and proven to maximize speed.

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